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Common Ground




There are also others to whom I owe. To those who have kept me good and let me grow. I often think about the boy in elementary school who accidentally called the teacher ‘mother’. It might as well have happened to me, a wonder that it didn’t.

Common Ground reflects on the borderline between private and public, creation of one’s identity and its facades, the imposter syndrome, and the constant movement of the unfinished nature of the artistic process, which the exhibition is a still image of. In the works, screenprinted materia meets found materials and objects.

The imagery springs from a desire to bring incompleteness and uncertainty to the center. The works deal with the concept of an art object; how is a piece of rope picked up from an evening walk juxtaposed with a screenprinted image? Where does the artistic practise end, and what is the rest? The exhibition is also the artist’s attempt to place oneself into the continuum from which the works draw from, bringing these sources forward and parallelling oneself with them. The exhibition combines and detaches again, weaves and decomposes the artist’s source material, diary-like fragments and thoughts on materiality, engaging in dialogue with oneself. Fluctuating between embarrasment and epiphany, looking for a common ground.

Photos by Santeri Kuisma

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