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Continental Feelings

Méduse, Quebec City


Continental feelings is/was a temporary assemblage of works produced during a residency at Méduse (Engramme & L’Oeil de Poisson). The work came together and was presented in the studio apartment on the 5th floor at 650 Côte d’Abraham.


During a residency of 3,5 months,the artistic work seemed to directly derive from the conditions of domestic, everyday life in the residency apartment and the areas nearby. Work and life seemed to mush together as I dyed textiles with leftover coffee and collected lint extracted from clothes dried in the dryer. Using such domestic acts like cooking, doing laundry or repairing textiles as a starting point of a creative process underlined the inseparable link between the artwork and the artist, a living being with humane wants, needs and emotions.

Installation images by Vincent Drouin

Artist residency was supported by The Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation and Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

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