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Complementary flavors


Exhibited as part of Kuvan Kevät

MFA Degree Show


Colour burns the retina, or sometimes it causes salivation to accelerate. What pleasure one can get from a colour spreading evenly on a surface. For a moment, it is stretchy and shiny until the water evaporates, causing the material to become stiff and matte. Its essence changes under my fingers.

As the rolls and miscellaneous items accumulate in the studio like a mass-produced assemblage, it is sometimes difficult to remember that I am the one who makes. Objects organize themselves, intertwine, and invite into a choreography yet unknown to me. Sometimes I would like to try to subtract myself from the equation, as it feels like a lot is happening without me, by itself. How would objects spread into a space that is entirely for them? What objects would there be?

Photos by Santeri Kuisma

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