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Hazy Days

Galleria G


I think about work, I think about rest. The resources at hand; mine and others’. I think about fixing and replacing. I think about the ship of Theseus* and my own cells regenerating, the healing wound on my knee. My body keeps weaving new skin, I accidentally always rip it off. How long can it go on with this thankless rebuilding task?


I think about childhood summers, time passing, the wear and tear, the layers piling up. Stratum turns into rock under pressure or heat inside the earth. Does the same happen to memories over time? 


Change happens so slowly it’s impossible to see, but it’s already here. We keep on adapting, regenerating, evolving and developing. Renewing ourselves completely from time to time, while also changing everything around us.


Belly open and spare parts in* said a man on his way to a transplant operation



* a paradox of whether an object that has had all of its original components replaced remains the same object

** anecdote from the hospital reality Elossa24, S6E3

Photos by Santeri Kuisma

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