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I’m a Helsinki-based visual artist, and my current practice is located in the expanded field of printmaking and sculpture. I deal with my relationship to materia and everyday objects through a lens of the mundane, and try to form a relation to the endless supply of stuff around me through a practice of spending time, relating, comparing, and being. It usually feels like the works illustrate some kind of imaginary memories, someone else’s memories, maybe future memories (?). They often have a texture, color, or a shape as a starting point, as something to attach to.


Usually I stop working on a piece when it gently suggests some kind of functionality or action, (or reminds of some pre-existing object), but could still be altered to a variety of directions. I find it endearing how limited the associative mind ultimately is, often sticking on familiarity and very mundane matters.


All images on this website are by Santeri Kuisma if not mentioned otherwise.

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