I’m a visual artist currently living and working in Helsinki, Finland. My work is mainly within printmaking and installation, drawing from the practice, history and parameters of printed art. At the moment screen print plays a central role in my practice.

The dualities in my work are always present; the two sides are embedded in the technicalities of print through transferring and duplicating; repeating but never truly copying. Using printmaking techniques also allows the polar modes of working; spontaneous gestures and tedious planning. The physicality of these processes is what keeps me going.

In my two-dimensional paper based work the focus is on finding balance in shape, color and form. I draw inspiration from everyday life and the mundane, but let the shapes form their own relations on the flat surface. My three-dimensional, installational work deals more with the themes and rules of the surrounding world. By using materials and symbols that evoke memories and associations, I encourage the viewer’s imagination to create their own interpretation. Recently working with found materials and ready-made objects has deepened my thoughts on our physical memory and relationship with the material.

I’m intrigued by the moment when two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional on a flat surface and starts to engage with the surrounding space. During the process I cannot fully know what the work is about, it’s only afterwards I can look back and see the subconscious factors that made the work what it is.


All images on this website are by Santeri Kuisma if not mentioned otherwise.